Preserving the Past




WE KEPT WATCH  OF THE SUN , MOON & PLANETS UNTIL JUDGEMENT DAY JUL 21 2019 FOR THE ANGELS THAT ELEVATED ORION ON A TURNING POINT OF WISDOM [M79] FOUND ON VAPULA TO EXPLAIN ANGEL PUNISHMENT & DOMESTIC HAUNTING BY DISCOVERING ALSO PLEIDES [M45]  MARKED WITH SATURNS V ANNIV. AS CALIBABRATOR TO             [1 INSTRUCT  - LUKE 12:5/REV 22:9/KEB NAG 58JOS 8:8 / II ESDRAS  9 1 / I CLEM XVIII /II HER COMM III:8/II ESDRAS 7:53/ I JOHN 3 : 8/COMMAND XII : 25/LUKE 18:6/AQU GOS 178:38 /PSAL 24:6/TOBIT 4:21/AQUA GOS 7/FETHA NAGAST 46 / TRALLIANS II:10/GEN 6 /DEUT 11/PHILA II:20/DEUT 15/I SAM 28:18/II KINGS 10:28/I INFAN XIX:12/AQ GOS 65 :6/BARN VIII:7/AQ GOS 74:14/II CHR 8 :1314/AQ GOS 87:12/TRALL I:8/TOBIT 6:7/ENOCH X:25/GAL 1:8/MATT 13:41.42/TIT 3:13 - MERCURY]               [2 SHOW -GEN 37:9 [RASTATRACKER is discovered 05 13 29]  /KEB NAG 43 - 45 <MAY 11 DREAM STREETS 4  IS prepared for stores>  II ESDRAS 10:51/II ESDRAS 7:28/AMOS 7:4/JOB 36:33 /AQ GOS 155 : 31 / LESS KEY OF SOL 72 +M-38) [CALIBRATED ] /AQU GOS 162 :11.I I / I INF XXI :7/PSAL 52:9/ KEB NAG 97 [RESSU. CALIBRA] PILATE TO TIBERIUS/EPHESIANSESDRAS  :10/ AQ GOS 14/I SAM 17/JOB 28:28/ADAM & EVE 24:6/II ADAM & EVE 4/I SAM 28:2/TEST SIM III:7/AQ GOS 68 : 12/PAUL & SENECA VI:4/JOHN 16:14/ACTS 7/II ESDRAS 8:62/II ESDRAS 12:36/ II ESDRAS 13:52/MARK 5:13 CALIBRA 12319 M13-M30] /LEV 24:12/JOHN 5:7/EZRA 2:59/MATT 12:27/II ESDRAS 13:36 <PIX> THE PROTEV XIII:10/SMYRNEANS I :7/ I INFANCY X:14 <COVID 19 makes foolish the preparation s of man on earth APR 2020>AQ GOS  46:10/KEB NAG 9<DIGITALERT.COM my domain now earned  a value of 30K EUR /JOHN 14:2>/I HERMAS VISION IV <antidoubt prophecies published apr 17>/ACTS 7:55 GODHEAD VIDEO  PUBLISHED  - VENUS]            [3 PROJECT - KEB NAG 66/ ENOCH XXI/MATT 20:23/DAN 2:45/MATT 9:28/ESTHER 13:7/ENOCH LXXII/DAN 12:1/SEC OF EN 13/ACTS 11:28/I CLEM VI:10/MARK 8:12/LUKE 14:14/AQ GOS 67 :3 <aquarian gos SEXtant 180>/ACT 5:36/ZEP 1:4/SEC OF EN XV:3/MATT 5:18/I KINGS 21:25/MATT 11:12/JOHN 13:38/II ESDRAS 7:43/II ESDRAS 8:5/NIC XII:5/AQ GOS 12:2-3/AQ GS 40/NOSTRADAMUS IV-25 pp 118 <DREAM STREETS 8&9 OUT APR 24 2020> 

- SUN]        [4 GUIDE -  II ESDRAS 16 / I CLEMENT  X I X :17/ BARN 5:19/ENOCH LXVII/AQ GOS 66/BARN VII :4/ACTS 17 :31/ZEC 3:1/II ESDRAS IV:23/MATT 6:13 /MATT 16:13/II ESDRAS 13:43-46/JOB 18:21 - MARS]         [5 TRACK - LEV 20 /ODES OF SOL 4 : 3/KEB NAG 77/ I JOHN 5 : 10 /III HER SIM IV:4/REV 4 /KEB NAG 86/ENOCH 48:11/ECC 1 :10/LUKE 19 :44/TEST OF BENJ II :6/I KINGS 8 :37*6/II MACC II:6/ROM  III:15/LUKE 21/ NICO XI :2/AQ  GOS 63 :24/AQ GOS 69:8 +M30/MIC 7:10/NAH 1 :11/ACT 4:28/NICO 21:9/NICO XXII:16/JOHN 3:10/JOHN 4:25/LESS KEY OF SOL 33-m5/ACTS 19:4/AQ GOS 80:21 <reveals solitary M30+>/JOHN 8 :49/AQ GOS 114:6/AQ GOS 116:13/MATT 27/MARK 12:24/ROM 8:29/DAN 9:25_26/II TIM 4:15/MATT 11:10/JOHN 10:18<M75 now isolate ed on 021320 0500hrs/JOHN 10:22/GAL 1:11-12<here in  was our key conceived with Jesus Christ smoke> on 040707 SEE FIG. below>JOHN 16:28/AQ GOS 180:14/II ESDRAS 7:9/II ESDRAS 8:47/HEB 13:10<THE NOMADIC I&I>AQ GOS 5:1<hairountransit published track 12 LINEOFJESUS>+/I COR 5:1 /KEB NAG 84/ I CHRON 7:5 - M+CLUSTERS]       [6 WAIT - JOS 14:10 /I INFANCY XIX : 21/ II PET 2:22 /PSALMS OF SOL 2/ ADAM & EVE IIIVI : 2/TEST OF ZEB 1 : 35 / II CLEM III :3/TEST OF NAPH II/TEST OF GAD II :17/NICOD XIV/I KING 17:17/ISI 38:16/LETT OF ARIST VIII :14/PROTEV XVI:28/PAUL & THECLA V:15/AQ GOS 32:43/GEN 25:34/DEUT 30/EZ 11:2/WIS OF SOL 7:25/LUKE 21:9/I CLEM I XI:14/ROM XI: 5/I CLEM XXII :13/NIC IX : 9/ROM 13 : 11/GAL 4:19/MATT 24:14/II ESDRAS 8:22 <basically wait 20 years as an adept or disciple of Jesus Christ being able to ordain through power and with added degrees in spatial information and music waves is able to translate  through ethers , written word, being able to harness and recognize  the will of God t be able to prophesy><we wilL mark II ESDRAS 8:53 as a true saying that is mocked!/COL 2:11/NIC XVIII:10<faith's last straw is actually defying the truth , which is the word of God ONLY!  ....that was despised and now I do Tornadoes & left him with Coronavirus...like racing a tanker on foot!/PAUL & SEN XII:7/MAGNES 3:4/TOBIT 3:17  - MOON]       [7 FOLLOW - KEB NAG 57/60 / II CLEM II /BARN 6 : 3/KEB NAG 9/REV 16:15/JOHN 7:50/NICOD XX /PHILA II/ACTS 2:29/LUKE 9:23/AQU GOS 62 : 5/NICO XIII : 11/ACTS 14:2 /I COR 9:5/AQ GOS 79 :17/ACTS 19:16/JOHN 6:29&39  <GOD CNC can[swer]s through spatial positioning principles of mass,cluster [moon] - central enduring  sun relative shifting- stars thus by lines we will  adapt these  steps on earth  using techtonic data and astronomy by @stvin[cent]maps Msc SPATIAL INFORMATION <Deut 4:6&19> (UNSW). A Bailey >II COR 11:5>KEB NAG 53> <YEAR 2069 published 020720 by blackstarmixrecords><TITUS 1:2/TIM 1:1><TITUS 2:5> II TIM 2:18>-/MATT 11:29/JOHN 10:16/NIC XII:19/I JOHN 5:8 /MAGNES 3:1/KEB NAG 97/SMYRN  II:14/HEB 7:11/I CLEM 6:3 -  EARTH]        [8 CHANGE - WIS OF SOL 19: 19/ AQU GOS 148/155/GREAT KEY OF SOL II XXI/REV 2/ACTS 10:38/ENOCH XC:17/AQ GOS 66:6/I COR 13:13/AQ GOS 172:32-34/GAL 4:20/I CLEM 6:3 - SATURN]         [9 INHERIT - TOBIT / I CLEM XIV : 13/II ESDRAS 7:17/ZECH 6:12/MATT  16:19/NICOD VI:8/JER 50:1/KEBRA NAG 100 /PHILA   I :3/LETT OF ARIST VIII:30/GEN 28/EN 89:30/BARN V/ENOCH XXIV/HEB 7:11/LUKE 23:38/REV 19:16/GKOS I XIV <GODHEAD the album was composed by plagarising Nostardamus ;s verses according to all DREAM STREET album # s, and TRack order!  GODHEAD made Queen Elizabeth Move & jst like elektronika 3, contained the LAFAFA SADEK>/KEB NAG 32  <GODHEAD was found in the chapter 043020 - may 1 - this lead to the discovery of Mayan God of Wind & Wisdonm Quetzalcoatl & Mother [Mix] on  050720 > BY THIS TIME THE pRINCE OF THE WORLD WAS ALREADY JUDGED the Antichrist subtle divine nature was now unbelivable now that force ws directed with his already powerless existence>- URANUS]       [10 FOLD - NICOD X:24 /XI:11 <blackstar mix music/rec>/MATT 12:49/FETH NAG III RSTB 34/GKOSOL II 3<.....and he shall>WIS OF SOL 8:10/AQ GOS 172:1<stvincentmaps>II INF II:19,20/MAR 4:20/ II ESDRAS 10:46/AQU GOS 160:40/ II PET 1:21/ I KINGS 4 :32/AQU GOS 178:43/III HER SIM IX 107*269/BARN 11:/PROTEV I :3 /I SAM 13:27/MATT 21:5/DEUT 26:2/II SAM 3:38/II SAM  5:12/AQU GOS 37:1/JOB 38:31/LUKE 21:131415/MARK 10:45/AQU GOS 50:20/JOHN 7:39/I COR 6 :1/BARN IX : 1/ECCTES 2:8 /I COR 9:1/AQ GOS 78/ACTS 18:27/AQ GOS 8/JOHN 8/II COR 3:12/AQ GOS 85:16/II CHR 23:/JOHN 15:4-5-22/JOHN 16:24-29/ROM 3:26 <140 @ 1340 PM> /GKOS II VIII/KEB NAG 82/ROM 15:19/AQ GOS 118:6/ACTS 21:21/.ACTS 22:28/II ESDRAS 7:33/II ESDRAS 11:44/II ESDRAS 12:32/II ESDRA 15:44/MARK 12:27/ROM 9:33/GAL 13:1/II TIM 4:5/AQ GOS 162:7/I CLEM 3:13/AQ GOS  165:25/DEUT 1:10/II COR 10:12/MATT 7:15/JOHN 6:14 /II CHR 32:31/JOHN 10:10/REV 2:24,28/AQ GOS/JOHN 13:37/TIT 3:4,5 <at this point after 2 years of album distribution  now able to answer Titus & Paul whomasked us to figure out that in Titus 3 :13 he was speaking of Nostradamus our principal of all subjects  showjn in the poetry of his prophecies  (pp 377 : the true prophecies) would be used as a lawyer and astrologist (Nostradamus & myself  <DAN 10:20,21 from APR7 2017 to Feb 15 2020 > pp. PREFACE eighth & Ninth all this for the sake of bearing witness of the promise of GAL 4:23,  enduring as a soldier [DJ} while not being able to be saved by works, but by mercy as a freely giving apostle , who would state the truth, having done the will of the Lord, which is having your songs of Ministry after 20 summers  so that a Remix & Regeneration can occur every score for the believers/[MATT 27:9] FIRST TUNES SOLD is released after 2o yrs EPH 2:11/AQ GOS 177:25 /II KINGS 11:12/ISAIAH 8:16/KEB NAG 63/AQ GOS 178:10/II ESDRAS 8:55 <vpcd 1595 trk14 - according to II ESDRAS 8:53 on  WAIT MOON [III MACC 1:13 as already prophesied in 1 word! REV 14:13 >-II ESDRAS  10:57/ACTS 4:1/AQ GOS 5:12/LUKE 1:45/JAMES 3:8/AQ GOS 12:13/AQ GOS 12:22<roygbiv 3d field map> GEN 1: 1-7 <030520 Neptune is in the sun as we begin a 1189 day count >NICOD XX:4/III MACC 1/<AGAR ethiopian time remix pub. mar 07>by mar 11 CORONAVIRIS was a PANdemic/PAUL & THECLA I:3/KEB NAG 98<psalmist beats is published apr 10>/I COR 1:17,BY APR 9 both chatoyear & hairoun transit  were curated ....THE 8 BEATS OF ELEKTRONIKA 3 WERE MADE to a wonderof the track>/LUKE 24:44 <PSALMIST in stores 041020>/GEN 1:1-4/EZEK 17:24 <ELEKTRONIKA 3 OUT 041720>ZEPH 3:19/I HERMAS VISION IV <dream streets 8 & 9 antidoubt prophecies published for Aprr 24> -  NEPTUNE]        [11 JUSTICE - MATT 12:42/WIS OF SOL 12:18/TEST OF JOS I:26 /TOB 2:3/ESTHER 6/ESTHER 16/REV 2:4/BAR X/JUDG 18: 25/PSALM 151/ISI 14:12/JER 38:13/PAUL TO SEN VII:3/JOB 24/ACT 12:23/I COR 6:1/ZEP 3:5/HOS 12:7/ACTS 27:27/PAUL& THECLA II16/LEV 16:21/GAL 2:21/MATT 13:49/REV 5:9,12/TEST OF LEVI II :14/MATT 24:9/AQ GOS 8:19/LUKE 9:39/LUKE 16:26/BARN 9:14/BARN 12:21/IS 47:6/II MACC 1/I JOHN 5:16 <surveillence is a secret, the ark was removed using it, so while he speaks in CH5  being vain while payperviewing ,thats all it says?/PAUL  & SEN XII:3/IIESDRAS 13:28/ZEPH 3:5/JONAH 1:12<by apr 19 we had 49 albums in stores,just like Jonah they were mad at my dealing> GEN 37: 23 <051320 BY THIS TIME WE WERE SET FOR MAY 22  REEASE OF DREAM BEATS 4  with DREAM STREETS 10 halfway done.> - PLUTO]          [12 MAP STARS - MATT 12:27,28/TIT 1:12/CLEM   IX :7 / KEBRA NAG 66  /SEC OF ENOCH XXX :13/ ENOCH XXXII /I INFANCY XXI:10/NICOD III:10/LUK 19:42/SEC OF ENO 47 :6/MARY 4/KEB NAG 98/II MACC 4: 12/LESS KEY OF SOL 32/ENO 60/JOB 9:9/GEN 1: 16/SEC OF EN LXIV :5/EN LXVIII 29/IS 13:10/JER 51:9/EN LXXIX :6/I SAM 23/MATT 24:2/PHILIP II/ADAM & EVE 23/KEB NAG 25/II KINGS 10:16/IS 34:16/IS 44:13/I CLEM XII:5/KEB NAG  37/ROM XI :7/NICO XI : 4/SEC OF ENO XI:4/EZE 48:35 /ACTS 14/ACTS 19:8/ENOCH XXXII/IICOR 5:1/ACTS 28:4/TRALL I:13/II KIN 20:9/MATT 24:30/AQ GOS 126:29-31/KEB NAG 11/NICOD XIV:5/AQ GOS 128:27/MARK 5:13/LKOS 10/NICOD XIV:5 /SIM II:2/ENOC LXXVI:8/ROM 9:9/GAL 4:25/AQGOS 163:27/ENOCH XII:5 /MATT 19:12/MATT 6:10/PSALM 46:4/JOHN 5:34/II COR 10:13/DEUT 4:19/JOB 35:12/JOHN 10:38/TIT 1:5,15/REV 1:20 <roygbiv - plant finder for st.vincent>/REV 2:13/EN 18:14/MATT 13:33 <arrokoth space rock is revealed in tthe form of a /snowman [@stvincentmaps feature 4-74]>MATT 13:44<ROYGBIV plant finder for stvincent 550 colours +1000 fruits & trees/MATT 27:7*[karapathos 4.8 AT 1602 UTC]>MATT -17:20/JOHN 16:3/REV 5:1/REV 6:14/NEH 1:9/REV  8:10/AQ GOS 178:3/MARK 4:11/EPH 3:18<caribbean arc>HEB 4:1/TEST OF LEVI II:12/SEC OF ENOCH XXX:13/KEB NAG 66<solomons astrolab remix 022120 @amazon>II ESDRAS 6:44/II ESDRAS 8:47<the  moon and other planets intersect the suns position along with messiers M+ to exhibit this.  The stars therfore aris the only place justice can be sought , with the names of epicenters as real time answers @stvincentmaps 022620 phillipines -taiwam-japan plate speaks for Elektronika 2 *matt 24:24*)>NICOD X:13/AQ GOS 5:11/I JOHN 5:7/I JOHN 5:18/JOB 16:19/JOB 22:30/GEN  1:14 - ARA/TRA  -  ARI/  -GRU/IND -  TEL/LYN  - CAS/CEP -  OPH/HER - SGR/SGT - LEO/LMI - HOR/RET  -  ORI/TAU  - CRU/MUS -  PYX/VEL  -  AND/PER  - AQR/PSA - CAP/AQL -  HYA/MON - COM/BOO - EQL/DEL  - LIB/CRT - VIR/OCT   -  HOR/RET  - COL/PUP - SER/CRB -  - UMI/UMA - DRA/PEG  CRO/SEX - CYG/LYR - MEN/DOR - CRT/VUL - OCT/CRV - HYI/ERI  - SCL/FOR - PAV/TUC - SCO/CNC - CONSTELLATIONS]       [13 CREATE MULTIPLE  - II ESDRAS  8:60/MATT 12:6/ ECCUS 1:7/AQU GOS 178 : 39 / GREATER KEY OF SOL 2:3 / SEC OF ENOCH 22/NICOD XXII/REV 20/GKOS I 18/WOS  19/FN 47*48/PS -55/EZE 7/JOHN 9/EN LXIV/KEB NAG 103/AQ GOS 9 /TABLE II /LETTER OF ARISTEAS III /FET NAG II/DEUT 10:22/AQ GOS 16/KEB NAG 6/DEUT 22/MARK 2:12/LUKE 23:31/TEST OF ASHER  I :12/BARN VIII:9/BARN XI :12/II ESDRAS 3 :18/ROM 1:28/JOHN 15:15/HEB 2:8/AQ GOS 178 32,33/GEN  20:15 <032020  07:05>57 UTC 4.8 at Owen, planted cluster of canabis at Owen Baileys plot>-  JUPITER]



injustice in R O Y G B I V  WAS GRACEFULLY REVEALED THROUGH THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN CURRICULUM! NOW CALIBRATED PERFECTLY FROM THE FIRST KEY IN THE CALENDS OF APRIL 2007 WAITING FOR THE APOCALYPSE OF 2012 NOW ACCURATELY MET BY NEILS APPOLLO 50TH ANNIVERSARY MISSION TO THE MOON FOR 8 HRS ACCORDING TO THE CHAPTERS IN THE LOT OF THE CALENDS OF JULY 15 - 21 , 2019!........ the glory of zion in the kebra nagast follows SEPT 20 2019 ON THE KEY'S TRACK!  WHAT IS LOOSED IN HEAVEN WILL BE LOOSED ON EARTH, SO AT THIS POINT WE ARE AT THE ALTER OF STARS, THE LORDSHIP, SOLOMON THE WISEST, THANKS! WE CONCLUDE OUR COURSE AT THE END OF DANIEL WHERE WE ARE INSTRUCTED TO GO ON FOR  A TIME & WAIT FOR THE BLESSED ARRIVAL IN THE FUTURE.  THANKS BE TO GOD FOR PRINCIPALLY REVEALING  WHY HE HAS SPOKEN OF THE COMING DAY & PUNISHMENTS IN SO MANY CHAPTERS AS IF A THREAT, TO FEAR GOD IS THE WISDOM, WHICH CANNOT BE DONE BUT THROUGH ME.... WE SIMPLY FOUND THAT WITH  THE MORE FORCES & BODIES WE ARE AGAINST IT MAKES IT EASIER TO BE THE CAUSE OF A CONSPIRACY , FOR LORDSHIP WHICH  NOW IS HELD BY THOSE WANTING? THEY ACTUALLY WAITING FOR THE COLLISION OF ANDROMEDA'S CLUSTER & THE MILKY WAY AS A SIGN OF TRUE DISORDER IN AD DEFIANT EARTH...WE ARE FINALLY SHOWN IN ENOCH LXXIX & THE LOCATIONS OF THE PLANETS IN THE SKY ON THE MORNING OF SEPT 20 WHAT VERSE 6 SAYS ABOUT PRINCIPLE IN CYCLES IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM ... AND OF COURSE TODAY'S BABYLON !  ..according to ROMANS XI v7 / NICODEMUS XI v4/ KEBRA NAGAST 37   weeks ahead of this we woukd have found a reward , perfect and complete calibration  of  our  RASTRACKER KEY in the Calends of CTOBER 26, 2019...... we further go on 12 hours later on this day when Elijah is taken up to heaven [NIC XI  : 2] ...... which further calibrates our key [TRack - M Clusters  , which can only be verified on this date with the Lessetr Key of Solomon # 17 & 18  at 15:50 hrs where SPICA the brightest star of VIR  stands between  the moon, sun & mars  ALSO is a principle feature of   BATHIN when used with the moons aspect verifies the virtue od RASTATRACKER as a Wonder  of t the world.  Judaculla petroglyph was virtuously found to have the orchid stamp of New Beat THE ALBUM 'S license & IS VERIFIED ON OCT 26, 2019 events by the prepared RASTAtracker of OCTOBER 14 2019......AS THE INSIGHT OF THE RASTARCKER NOW GIVES PROOF OF MESSIAHSHIP AS WAS REQUESTED IN AQ GOS 69:8 as is now revelead to the owner a babe, IN THE CALENDS OF NOVEMEBER 4 2019 , we use this key which is calibrated using SATURN Vs 50th anniversary date readings  to project that we wait until 2069 for more signs <AQ GOS 66:6 / REV 13:18 / Messier 30 ---> 50 LIGHT YEARS rad> UNTIL 2060 arrives  we procced to wash in REMIXs the true proof of a Messiahs stature in scattered evil writings over 2000 years old!  TRIDENTICAL [GKOS I XVIII-JOHN 8 :57 - II COR 3] is our first free work in the calends of NOVEMEBER 7 2019 according to the rastracker AQUARIAN GOSPEL 74:10<II CHRONICLES 9: 13-14> The testimony of lying  witness [KEB NAG 70]  and the inclusion of death into the Apostles Creed are the greatest problems that were faced in History such as recorded lies  and innaccurate accounts on Christs life, .now verified according to Acts 17 :31 & II ESDRAS  III:30 LIVIErecord  in the calends of Novemeber 11, 2019.  On  receiving the Holy Ghost  [ACTS 19:2] and according yo the readings of RASTATRACKER Nov 12&13 , like the concept of belief in the coming Messier through writings of Moses & Solomons measurements & experiments , we confiQ GOSW rm through belief ofnthe track that inthe Calends of  Nov 13 2019 1400 hrs  ,VIR reveals M5+ using the Lesser Key Of Solomon <#35 GAAP > & AQ GOS 80:21 reveals that  Christ is found  in CAP through M30 & IND.  IN by God  now that the evil spirits control most minds [ACTS 19:16 - KEB NAG 71] the book BEFORE 2020 WAND OF PROPHECY [I COR I 4:3]  will be published as we have activated our  rastartracker mechanism through the smae belief, that GOD needed help in finding a positioning system to Identify the spots on the EARTH where Evil spirits live , while the confederscy & conspiracy lies in the supporting  audience who are found out even after a decade of denial [PAUL TO SENECA VI :4] ,here lieth the danger and patience of the saints [THESS  2]  On this the 20th day in the calends of Novemeber 2019 according to rastatracker  we have finally recognized the destiny of I as was those before sent by the lord of hosts unto himself as Abraham & Elijah now sending  Nastardamus [AQU GOS 84:28]  who was sent for a  single purpose his seed  [5th & 6th  mixrtape] as is Zarephath to Elihijah.  according to Nastradamus the last modern prophet of the world  by name,[ we today confirm his Christ according to his written will read through the pattern  of the entire covenant  first given on Sinai , now re written in purity using astrology and astronomy by Nostradamus < III-94 - S-49  - V-41  - III 100  - VI 3 - I-80  - VI 28 - I 97 - VIII 38> to verify the future jubilee of now.  BY THIS THE 18th DAY IN THE CALENDS OF DECEMBER 2019 after the order of events of the current track >I INFANCY XX - AQ GOS 114 - I CLEM VIII - GKOS I III,II ESDRAS IV:25 ,<II ESDRAS15:44> after Gods confirmation & order  we hereby conceive the title of our mechanism....BEFORE 2020 WAND OF PROPHECY a collection of  trackers by BLACKSTAR MIX!  ON THIS THE 25TH DAY IN THE CALENDS OF DECEMBER 2019 WE USE TNE RASTATRACKER PILLARS TO READ THE CELESTIAL LANGUAGE CONFIRMED BY THE LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON #7 AMON AT 1034 AM WE READ THE PROPHECY WHILE WE WAIT AS MERCURY IS IN THE MOON & JUPITER IN THE SUN! [II ESDRAS 9:1] ON THIS THE 28TH DAY IN THE CALENDS  OF DECMBER AT 1944 HRS   AS WAS WRITTEN IN II ESDRAS 12:36 SO  NOW LIES VENUS IN THE MOON  MESSIER IN CAP & URANUS IN ARI <by this judgement day we hereby state our right to the kingdom of god through our ways II ESDRAS  12:36 - II ESDRAS 13:52 so as not to be deceived in the world through the liar. On this Dec 31 THELAST DAY  ON THIS SE OF THE DIVISION OF TIMES, <NICOD XIV:5/KEB NAG 11 - AQ GOS  128:27 - MARK 5:13 -  LESSER KEY OF SOL 10 - ECCUS 1:9  @1337PM> IS OUR CALIBRANT AFTER APROX 13 YEARS OF RASTATRACKER <GAL 2:1> <MARK 13:10>  On this the other side in the 6th day in the calends of adar jan  2020, at 1310 pm .we hereby establish our trademarks in christs argument against his accusers that lasted from Romans 9 at his promised appearance to Jude 1 where we were about to enter the island for revelation.  UNDER MARK 12:27  :) STVINCENTMAPS.COM<II CHR 32:31> / II ESDRAS 15:44 BLACKSTARMIXRECORDS / ROM 9:9 RAS TATR ACKER.COM.  A MONTH LATER IN THE CALENDS OF FEBRUARY 6 , THE ALBUM YEAR 2029  WAS PUBLISHED <LIC STAMP* II COR 9:13> <I JOHN 4:3> <PSALM 46:4> according to the prophecy of  KEBRA NAGAST 50/ I CLEM III:13/II COR IX:2/SEC OF EN XV:3/EN X:25 .. WE  even  go further on FEB 7 at  4:38 AM AS M10 lies in OPH <xtra deep> &  M9 <they aint> is found between MARS & OPH, read using YEAR 2069s tracklist (JOHN 4:25).  I Adrian [Quic]kenneth Bailey NOW go further to show the rating of my album in less than 24 hours.... measures as a 4.6 a sUPERIOR  record reached (naturally) unto me <II COR  10:13> by  the 4.6 earthquake epicentered around Tekazzi R. ETHIOPIA FEB 7 2020 4:48 utc <JOHN 6:29 & 39> I TIM 21 :6><DEUT 4:6><stvincentmaps II INFANCY II:19....ON THIS THE CALENDS OF FEB 15 2020. CHATOYEAR the album set to be published on Feb 28, 2020 [SEC OF EN XXX/ TEST OF LEVI   II:14/KEB NAG 66/  Chatoyear is published... wth eclipse of SUN & MOON IN AQR 022320 at 1500 - 1 WEEK LATER RELEASED ONFEB 28 2020, falls on CELTAS and lewads to the finding of the covenant  OF rASTATRACKER FROM ISSUE APR 2007.  ROYGBIV  IS GOING THROUGH ARITHMATIC TRANSLATION <NICOD X :13> to produce a bloom calendar where stars and other shadows of the vision willbe found also [AQ GOS 5:12] ACCORDING TO ESDRAS we ate flowers for 7 days until ROYGBIV was published for sale 03 04 20  under the changing solar system AQ GOS 12/NICOD XVIII.  BY MARCH 11 CORONA VIRUS science named alpha & omega was a pandemic on earth which spread in 7 days and is 10 tmes stronger than flu, we percieve our judgement so far is now confirmed by ACTS 23:12. > I TIM 4:16    C O V I D 1 9  > I INFANCY X:14 > I CLEM III >TEST OF ZEB II > I CLEM VI 3 > UTIMATELY USE THE PSALM COMBINATIONS AS ORDERED IN THE GREATER KEY OF SOL [PSALMIST IN STORES 041020 > LUKE 24:44..... APR 19 2020, COVID-19 plagues for the cause of Jonah.....DREAM STREETS 8 & 9 ANTIDOUBT PROPHECIES drops April 24  According to NOSTRADAMUS: prophecy about injustice in the game [IV-25 pp 118 ].  By May 1 Godhaed  was in stores and was found in Keb Nag 32 in the same Calends where we previously released Dreeam Streets 8 & 9 to fullfill VISION IV after 19 summers  on April 24th album releases!  Meanwhile in Greater Key of Solomon I XIV after 17 summers  we finally have another calibrant with which we were certain through Messier (AQ GOS 73) that  we were now Nostradamus ;s decent & inheritance for the sake of the world , through I the world was translated by the 50th album release <  to translate the world  meaning by tracking , picture frame art, sound interpretation & naming , digital art which through envy of satan was shrouded, now the cover to be used for translating & understanding Christ & reaching the point of Crucifiction which is now proven to be false by my appearing and writing in realtime of survival unlike Neoin chains or Christ Nailed , they were not able to survive to even write what Christ is , because according to BAILEY in the Apostles Creed , the death verse was placed there ,for the conveneience of the named known crucifiers of our Lord !   DREAM BEATS  4 IN STORES  052220+ PROTEV IX + PHILIPPIANS III + II MACC 11_23 +KEB NAG 51 +AQ GOS 88 : 4


ISBN 0- 94839-003-4




we are the world now!

.....Adria son of Agathopolis & Augustas......the rock star foundation has made us to see judment day ...according to the calends of July 15th - 21st , 2019 (ABOVE- HEB 9 :27)    CONCEiVED UNDER JESUS CHRISTs SMOKE ON APR 7,2007 according to GAL 1:11-12>

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